Minecraft top competitor

Last time I played Minecraft story mode, I asked myself, why do people still play Roblox? I thought as a top game, people should participate daily on it rather than that one.
It has almost the same texture with that one. Makes more sense and can actually keep on busy all the day. I had to go to some top YouTube videos to see what other players commented on this. I was surprised that many haven’t heard about this specific one. Maybe they live where they can only access one game in their entire life.
Moreover, you might seem like a dummy if you don’t know about this one.

The fact that robux generator hints is available might be the reason people play a lot of the game. But in the case of Minecraft, you can’t use any cheat engine to get numerous stuffs.
Everything is based on how well you can build stuffs.
For some people, they might say it isn’t cool. I think does folks are only interested in ripping off an interesting game. If you use glitches, you won’t fully take part in the difficult part of a game.
So, you won’t find it happy to play this particular one.

Roblox as a competitor has millions of games which players can join. The other one has textures, skins and others which might cost some cash to get. But, they are somewhat easy to acquire from other sources.
But I somewhat found that players prefer to play Rob since they can do much more there.
They can design their own story, cloths, game and many more. But, it doesn’t mean the same can’t be done in Minecraft. You just have to be smart in order to play it these days.
Top players with lots of goodies might frustrate you.

When it comes to frustration, I think Rob is top in the list. Last month, when I did a resource request form, most players said they are bullied in the game. I think they didn’t have enough resources to participate.

Lastly, support for each game is mind blowing sometimes and relatively slow in weekends. I think it is not a problem since each has millions of active users. So, to attend to numerous messages is overwhelming. Nevertheless, it is important for every game to have a way to reach players faster.

Based on all this, it is difficult to tag one game as the best. So far, the competitor is now known to you.